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  • Newbie styling help

    Hi All,

    Forgive the what I am sure is a really newbie question. I did try to search, but since I don't really know what to call what I want to do in a search, I didn't find much. I have a number of questions for things I want to do - so I'll number them below:

    I took a screenshot that I have attached here of my main forum webpage ( to try and explain what I want to do as best as possible. Since I have a very large forum that encompasses a lot of different topics I find that I loose where I am trying to scroll up and down the foum when I want to find a specific topic forum and I would like to make things easier to find by adding colour.

    1. If you look at my attached image you'll see 2 areas that I have highlighted with a red box (Appearance & Detailing and Camaro v6 Engine Tech) For each of these "title forums" I would like to highlight that whole bar going across with a for example that entire box would be filled in red breaking the page up almost like a page it possible to do that and if so how can I do that?

    2. I have circled a feature that came "stock" on my site when I got ahold of it, clicking the +/- allows a user to collapse the module or window there...You'll also notice I put a line and an arrow over because I would like to add that same feature to where all of my "title forums" are (the exact same line that I would add the colour break to)

    3. I also have a number of questions about adding rotating images into banners in conjunction with adsense (so that it rotates with adsense but is a seperate image of my own that is linked to another site. So essentially let's say 1 user comes on and sees a google adsense ad, then the next page he clicks he sees a banner for an ad that I created that isn't google adsense...does that makes sense?

    I am happy to do reading on the above to get me started...just trying to figure out where to find this info and what exactly to search to get me there. I also have very limited knowledge when it comes to websites and am learning as I go along. I bought this forum to keep it alive as it has a ton of useful info on it, but I'd like it to generate funds to.

    Thanks to anyone that can help with the above questions.
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    Your V6 Camaro information source
    How to fix deep scratches in your cars paint

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    Is the above maybe not possible in the cloud version? I found a code in a search that was:

    .topic-list-container .topic-list { background: #fff; } which I dropped into the CSS...but it did nothing for me... So I am kinda at a standstill stump now.

    Your V6 Camaro information source
    How to fix deep scratches in your cars paint

    Vote for:

    Ability to display ads for xx number of views / impressions:


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      These are not functions the software supports inherently. The first two in your list may or may not be able to be done with custom CSS, but that is not supported by our support team. You may want to visit and post in our modifications website:, or visit a site like

      Although I am unsure if this will give you guidance for exactly what you're trying to achieve in a rotating banner, there is a post about it here:
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        For #1, is this what you need?

        #forum1570366 td,
        #forum1570338 td {
            border: 2px solid red;
        Each of those rows in that list has the forum id in the <tr> tag. The ids forum1570366 and forum1570338 are for "Appearance & Detailing" and "Camaro v6 Engine Tech" forum categories respectively.

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