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User can't delete messages in sent folder?

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  • User can't delete messages in sent folder?

    This user was in a usergroup that allowed a high number of messages. We deleted that usergroup, so now he is in our Registered Users usergroup, which allowed 250 messages on our forum.

    He had 437 messages, and now can't send messages because he is over our 250 allowed. He has been trying to delete his messages, but when he deletes them, it says they are deleted, but they actually are not. Pretty much nothing happens. His messages are just stuck.

    How do I allow him to delete those messages so he can get back to under 250? I have increased our Registered Users message amount for now, so he can send messages again. I'd rather not use the admincp tool to delete the messages, I'd like him to be able to delete his own messages going forward.

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    Find the same messages in the Inbox. delete them there.

    We recently changed how private messages are counted due to vBulletin Messenger. They should be counted by topic, not individual messages. The topics should show in both the inbox and sent if they were replied to in any way.
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      Gotcha. He is deleting them from his inbox, and then trash. His numbers are going down now. Thanks!


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