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E-Mail Notifications: New topics, YouTube link not working

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  • E-Mail Notifications: New topics, YouTube link not working

    Dear Support Team,
    Recently we have posted a new topic with video (Link to YouTube).
    Two things happened:

    Message by E-Mail:
    Some users received messages by E-Mail, who should not receive any notifications by E-Mail, because I turned it off with my Administrator rights. We looked into the respective user settings and it says: Notifications off, through message center only.

    E-Mail message contains link to YouTube that cannot be used, also cryptic text is not user friendly: (I removed some parts of the message and replaced by xxxxx)

    Quote (begin):
    Here is the message that has been posted: ************* Hello xxxx

    please find the video from xxxx


    All the best, Forums
    Quote (end):

    What can I do in the future to prevent that users receive messages by E-Mail?
    What can be done so the link to YouTube works?


    I can send you the respective user name and E-Mail notification by PN or E-Mail. Since the email contains


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    Are these moderators, super moderators or Admins?

    In the AdminCP go to Channel Management -> Moderator Permissions and adjust their permissions as necessary. Moderators need to be edited on a forum by forum basis.

    The link doesn't work in the email that you want to eliminate? Visit the topic and view the YouTube link there. The email will only contain a snippet and links aren't guaranteed to work. You're supposed to visit the topic on your site.
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    Wayne Luke
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