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What usergroup group do new members go into?

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  • What usergroup group do new members go into?

    Do new members go straight the New Members usergroup? Or is there a way to decide what group new members go to?

    We'd like to have new members go into the Registered Users usergroup, AFTER they get to 10 posts. With the New Members usergroup giving them less permissions until the contribute to the forum.

    Do you do this in the Promotions Tab? I thought we had this set up before we switched to VBCloud. But it must not be because we had 2 members yesterday saying that couldn't upload photos, or see other things, thanks button, avatar, etc. So I had to manually add them to the Registered Users usergroup.

    I did just go tinker with the Promotions tab. Set it so New Members promote to Registered Users after 10 posts. Went to check the New Member usergroup, and there are still a lot of members in there with more than 10 posts. Ran the rebuild member and rank maintenance tool, didn't change them.

    Sorry it's a lot of info, trying to be specific in describing that I want to make happen.

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    You can't change the default usergroup. You need to do it the other way around....create a new usergroup based on the Registered Group, adjust the permissions for both, then have people promoted out of the Registered Users group into the new one when they reach ten posts.

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      Ah, gotcha. It seems like new members are going straight into a group called New Members. If they went right into the group Registered Users. We may just not worry about the 10 post thing.

      A guy that just joined yesterday was having issues changing his avatar and uploading a photo. I noticed the name under his member name said 'New Member'. So I put him to Registered Uses and he is all good now.

      Maybe it only happens for certain people? Does it have to do with them needing to confirm their email when they sign up?


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        They go into the usergroup with the ID of 2. By default this is called Registered Users but the name can be changed. Looking at your site, the usergroup with usergroupid 2 is still called registered users.

        When a new user registers the flow is like this:
        1. Unregistered User visits your site.
        2. Registers.
        3. If Email Verification is set, then user is placed in Users Awaiting Email Verification (id: 3).
          1. Once the user verifies their email then:
            1. If Moderate New Users is set, the user is place in Users Awaiting Moderation (id:4).
              1. When approved by an Administrator, user is moved to Registered Users (id:2)
            2. Else, they are placed in Registered Users (id:2)
        4. Else user is placed in Registered Users (id: 2)

        You can modify, or rather enhance, this flow with Usergroup Promotions and Paid Subscriptions.
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          Excellent!! Thank you Wayne!

          I ended up deleting the 'New Members' usergroup this morning. It was from many years ago anyway, and we don't use our usergroups that way now. One less thing to cause issues. It had about 1,100 members in it, all moved to the Registered Users usergroup successfully it appears.

          Thanks for the help!


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