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  • New Topic Statistics Not Recording - Admin CP

    I was pulling stats for our forum and noticed New Topic counts are not longer recording since upgrading to Cloud VB 5.2.5. All other statistics are recording such as User Activity, New Post, registration Etc. Is this an issue across the board or are we experiencing a specific problem with our forum? This is true of both our &

    Anyone else having this issue??
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    I don't believe the admincp stats work in vB5.

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    • jdfranke
      jdfranke commented
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      That is the only Stat that isn't working. All other statistics are working as they should. Including imported statistics from the previous version.

      Is there somewhere else I can pull stats from?? If they don't work in Admincp then they should be somewhere?? Right?

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    we are missing the new topic stats, too.
    As i can see the tool "Rebuild Statistics" which uses admincp/misc.php?do=buildstats repectively ./core/admincp/misc.php still count newposts and newthreads. The Query looks fine to me at first glance.

    But the daily scheduled task Daily Statistics Log seems to use ./core/includes/cron/stats.php which only build new users, active users and new nodes but did'nt differentiates between posts and threads.

    Seems to me, that you added statistics categories but forgot to implement the differentiation of categories at the crucial point.
    So seen in versions 5.3.1 - 5.3.4.

    Does you know when there will be a fix of the statbuilder or am i completely wrong with my suggestions?

    Thanks for your help and best regards


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