The 4th day of migration - starting to panic (Q?)

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  • lille L
    • Oct 2007
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    The 4th day of migration - starting to panic (Q?)

    After a little start problem, with the FTP - and the the time different, the migration could start after nearly 1.5 day. And because my forum was so big ( 12GB of att. is that so unusual ?) the upload have been going for nearly 2 days. Tonight it stopped The next step is now to wait for a dev to look in to it.

    I did choose the cloud the a carefree hosting. And its possible I have ignored some information how long time this will take. Its så bad to have close the forum, and now on (my timestamp) the 4 day. IF the import should take more 2 days, and wait for the devs time different - I am risking that my forum is closed for nearly one week? I am missing information how long time it (worst case) can take.

    I really hope some can answer how long time this can take, in worst case from here. IS all the dev also located on the east coast? So I know the different in time....
    And is it normal to take 2-3 days to import? Earlier whit an upgrade it have always been done over night. (I do realize its a lot of job to get fom 4.x to a v5.x you can use without Haddon +++ )
  • Trevor Hannant
    vBulletin Support
    • Aug 2002
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    • 5.7.X

    12Gb is a LOT of attachments and depending on connection speeds to get them uploaded to our server, it CAN take some time!

    As per your ticket, Lynne has passed this to our Cloud team however as they're Office based in LA, they won't see this until they arrive in today (GMT -8).

    As you have an open ticket and Lynne is updating you via there, I'm closing this thread - please request updates via Lynne on your ticket.

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