Few Questions about Ads, Content Slider, email etc.

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  • Maxzp
    • Oct 2016
    • 30
    • 5.2.x

    Few Questions about Ads, Content Slider, email etc.

    Newbie here, love vB Cloud
    Let's say my site is: www.sample.com
    1) I was using blXXhost host my domain and my free forum, now my www.sample.com is pointing on VB cloud, does it mean my old hosts are totally no longer usful?
    So I can cancel my old host without any problem with vB Cloud, right?
    2) Can I just simply just add a picture in Ad module? For example (Your Ads here Size: 200X100 Contact: [email protected])
    3) Can I create email??? Like [email protected] or [email protected]??? and how???
    4) Just tried Content Slider, how you control it??? In my Home page, I put code({"date":{"from":"30"},"type":["vBForum_Gallery"],"sort":{"created":"desc"}}) in Content Slider
    It shows Blog's picture as background, but the first picture in forum not showing......only topics and content.
    If I want to setup a Content Slider for my sub-forum and I want the Content Slider only shows the content within sub-forum, change font and color or showing position) so how do I do that?
    Little bit disappointing in Content Slider, I thought I don't have to deal with codes anymore, this is the main reason I change to vB Clound
    5) Where can I change the image/icon in forum/sub-forum title?
    6) Where can I create button on the right top to show quick link with facebook, youtube, instagram, vkontakte, qq, wechat etc
    7) Where can I change ranking,user and group image/icon?
    8) Does any link which can demo everything or advance user guide for vB Cloud? because the user Guide on youtube and QuickStartGuide just too briefly explain. I want deeper knowledge on vB Cloud

    Shop system: user can use reputation or money to buy some souvenir or badge

    Sorry for long post

    Thank you very much

  • Macro Man
    • Jun 2016
    • 38
    • 5.2.x

    Hi Maxzp,

    1) If you cancel your hosting package, you won't have the CNAME credentials required to point your domain at your free forum. So if you want to keep www.sample.com pointing at your forum then you need to keep your hosting package.

    2) Yes, you can add arbitrary HTML and/or JavaScript in an ad module to display whatever you want it to.

    3) Not from vBulletin - email accounts are managed by your hosting provider via cPanel or similar, they are nothing to do with vBulletin.

    4) Have a read of this thread, but understand that the content slider is for forum content (topics) - not custom items.

    5) The forum icon is sprite from the standard icon set - you can change this using the inline CSS editor.

    6) Have a look at this thread

    7) These are separate things, but can be changed in the Admin CP

    8) Have a look at this link
    Last edited by Macro Man; Mon 31 Oct '16, 1:54pm.


    • Maxzp
      • Oct 2016
      • 30
      • 5.2.x

      thank you Macro Man, i will try everything tonight, thx so much


      • glennrocksvb
        Former vBulletin Developer
        • Mar 2011
        • 3955
        • 5.7.X

        1. You could cancel the web hosting service but not the domain. They are separate. You could have a domain from a web host but don't have a website hosted with them.

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        • Maxzp
          Maxzp commented
          Editing a comment
          cool, this could save me a lot of money, thank you

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