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    We have a closed forum where I moderate (approve) all users as admin. However, when we use the "who's online" link from the forum home page, it shows members, as well as several "guests" without additional information given. Who are the guests? How can we get rid of them? It is important to our users that the forum be private for approved users only. We do not want guests ever, at any time. Are there really unknown people visiting our forum without approval? Any help would be appreciated as several members have complained about these apparent ghosts.

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    I may have a solution for you. If your forum is closed to Guests I am guessing what you are seeing is Search Engine Crawlers. You should be able to limit what they can view by going to Admin CP>Channel Manager>Channel Permission and set each forum as to who can view what. One of the Tech's will either confirm what I said or let you know what to do.


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      Not only search engines. If a human user visits your site and they see a "you have no permission to view" kind of error, they are still "guests" who are "online" to your site.

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