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Changing reputation bar colour?

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  • Changing reputation bar colour?

    Hey there,

    Is it possible to change the colour of my reputation bars? I see it's an image, if I upload an image can I make this take over instead?

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    You can try this.

    Add below in css_additional.css of your theme:

    HTML Code:
    background: #E5E8E9;
    This is to change default grey color of reputation bar. You can change #E5E8E9 to any color you want.

    HTML Code:
    background: #CFCFCF url( repeat-x scroll 0 -650px;
    This is after somebody get reputation. You can change color according to your preference.


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      Thanks gh.rohit , how about if I wanted to have green for positive rep and red for negative rep and gray for neutral?

      Based on your code I've got it for positive rep and neutral, however when I have negative rep it also comes up green?


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        Is it even possible to give negative rep any more? was that done away at some stage?


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          I've just been looking into this as well. It seems that the system is now based entirely on likes and although the infraction system can take away points, other users no longer can.
          Seems 1 'like' = the giving of the same number of points as your power.

          Actually, its a shame that users cannot negatively influence others. I realise that it is open to abuse, but I do feel that it offered a level of user peer moderation, rather than the admin/mods being solely responsible. A little less 'us & them'


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            That's what I'd come to conclude too

            The system of negative rep worked well for us and wasn't abused. It's a shame, I'd really like to put it back (and not to mention that post import to cloud users with negative rep are showing up positive! it seems to take the absolute value of the rep...)


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