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  • Uploading photo error

    I have a member having an issue uploading a photo. He emailed the photo to me and I am having the same issue. We are using the Camera Icon to the top left of the comment box. The photo's file extension says it is a .jpg. I tried to upload the file here but it keeps failing, my internet speed just tested at 3.3 mbps, and that's up from usual...

    The errors says: Extension does not match content.

    Any ideas?

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    Open the image in a photo editor (any, even MS Paint should do!) and save it as a new file with the .jpg extension. Can you upload it now?
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      Yes! That worked, easy fix! Thanks a bunch!!


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        I now have more members with the same issue. They didn't have to do this before. It seems a weird coincidence this started to happen right after the most recent update was applied to our Forum.

        Is this a known issue since the last update?


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