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All of a sudden I can't embed Stitcher, Worldstar, etc.????

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  • All of a sudden I can't embed Stitcher, Worldstar, etc.????


    For as long as I can remember, I've been able to use HTML and embed videos from other sources like Worldstar, Break, various TV channels, etc. - plus embed my show's audio from Stitcher.

    All of a sudden this morning it isn't working.

    Here's a link to a post with both, to display how they're not working:

    I noticed that YOUTUBE videos and LIVELEAK videos seem to be working.

    This is a HUGE deal for me. The reason I stayed on with vBulletin is because of the ability to embed these specific things on my site.

    ANY help would be appreciated.

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    working for me.

    in the first post, is there one video....or two? when i right click on the second embed..... it describes it as an image....not a video. not sure if its meant to be a video or not. however....the first video, which is working. you may have a cookies/cache issue is you cant get the first video to work for you. you may also go into "edit post" and make sure the second one is posted as a video and not an image.


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      This was caused by the switch to SSL on Cloud and the third-party sites not supporting SSL. SSL has been turned off for the site in question.
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        How do I turn it back on?


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          They fixed it when I reached out to them. That was like 2 days ago. Now here it is again switched back without so much as an email.


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            Fixed this morning again via ticket.
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