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"Home Page" vs. "forum" vs. "Forums"

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  • "Home Page" vs. "forum" vs. "Forums"

    My domain lands on My Channels module lists "Forums" at top, but it links to My "Channel Manager" view for "Home Page" refers to, yet the "Forums" channel links to". When I click on the "FORUMS" navigation tab it take me to

    I want anything labeled Forums to consistently go to the same page. How do I get the channel Forums to point to instead of Actually I don't care if it points to "forum" or "Forums", I just want it consistent, but it seems that changing the channel would be only one change, vs. landing page and navigation bar would be two changes. However the content I want is currently

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    Using site builder, go to edit the page when viewing the forum homepage. Save, and you should see the option of changing not only the meta information but the url link structure. I think, you want to put in "forums" instead of what is there now, which should be "forum." Note that after you do so, your navigation links will need be changed to reflect your new url.

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      Isn't this the location where the current page will be saved? I don't want to change the content of the page at location I just want the channel labeled "Forums" to point to the page

      With the lack of visibility that the Cloud product has I'm not confident that I won't be destroying the "good" page in the process (on a live site main page). I just don't want any navigation links (channel tree, landing page, or navigation bar "forums") to point to I want them all pointing to


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        If you "change" the channel name of a forum it won't be reflected in the url, because the page was already created. To do so you'll need to go through site builder in order to change the url structure. You don't need to change the content of a page but by going to edit page, save, and then accessing the url structure information you'll be able to edit just that. There is no reason why it would destroy the page.

        Navigation links in menus are different. You can access them too through site builder.

        I am not on vbcloud, so I am not confident you'll have access to everything I am suggesting.
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          The reason that it would likely destroy the page is because the page I actually want to keep already exists at That one is referenced in two links in navigation, and it's only the Channels Module that points to the wrong URL (

          In the Cloud version I have the ability to change the Navigation Bar URL, but not the landing page and not the Channels reference. The latter two are pointing to two different URLs. I guess a work-around is to edit and then save the "good" page to the same URL as the "bad" page and I'll just have to keep both in sync with any changes. That will be a big pain though because I am changing the Static HTML module content frequently to post surveys.


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