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"New Topics" vs. "Today's Posts"

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  • "New Topics" vs. "Today's Posts"

    I just set up my forum in the past couple weeks and I'd only seen the sub-menu "New Topics" as the first sub-menu item under "Forums". Today for a short period of time I saw "Today's Posts" instead. I went to edit the Navigation Bar to see what was up and sure enough, both are listed as sub-menu items. Why don't they both show up and what condition causes one or the other to appear?

    added: What's bizarre is that while in the Edit Navigation screen both of them DO appear on the sub-menu, but then disappear after saving.

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    By default, Today's Posts is only for guests. You can change this by editing the options in Site Builder.

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      Where can I find Site Builder? I see "Rebuild" in the Admin CP and nothing in the "Settings" drop down that mentions Site Builder.


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        Sitebuilder is not in the AdminCP. It's in the frontend. You enable it by clicking Edit Site to ON. When enabled, you will see extra navigation menus at the top. Those menus allow Administrators to configure the site inline and on the fly.

        Click Navigation Bar, then edit the "Today's Post" menu by clicking the Pencil icon next to it. In the Edit Navigation Item popup, click Edit link and then uncheck "Unregistered / Not Logged In" usergroup. Click OK and Save Changes.

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          Got it, thanks.


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