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    Hi, Apologies if this has been posted before; I have searched, but couldn't find any references. I believe I may have messed up the blog template somehow?
    Here's what I did:
    • I need to categorize my blogs. Initially I created a few test blogs in the default channel. These appeared with the URL: forum_url/blogs/blogname all was good, summaries and go to post all worked as expected
    • I then (using admin channel manager) created child channels under --Blogs and moved the blog into the appropriate channel.
    • I then changed the template and added channel navigation.
    • Creating new blogs and moving them into the channel worked fine, again clicking on the blog name from channel navigater or 'go to post' from summary worked as expected.
    • I noticed that if I clicked on the channel name (and not the blog inside it) I reached a blank page
    • So, I attempted to create a new page with the same name/URL as the channel, thinking I had created the channel, but not the page. When I tried to save it, I received a message that the age already existed.

    Also, somewhere, somehow something else got messed up. Any new blog is now created with the URL: forum_url/#/blogname and although the blog shows in the channel navigator and new post summary clicking on go to post bounces me back to the main forum.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Blogs in vB5 don't have categories like can't move them about in the channel hierarchy, they will break.

    If you submit a support ticket we'll see if we can get them bac to normal for you.

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      Hi - Yep, it broke! Ticket on the way, thanks


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