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Register page how do i add users real name and make it compulsory

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  • Historic Trucks
    Thank you to the support staff for helping me fix this here is how its done.

    In terms of changing the registration form there are two options. You can change the text that currently says "User Name" to say "Real Name" and the descriptive text underneath can be changed from "Please enter the name by which you would like to log-in and be known on this site." to whatever you want.

    There is no way to confirm the user enters a real name of course.

    The other option would be to add one or more additional fields to hold their real name(s) but the User Name will continue to be the main way they are identified.

    I will give you instructions for the first option since I suspect that is what you prefer.

    All text displayed to the user generated by the forum are "phrases" and can be edited in the Admin CP -> Languages & Phrases -> Phrase Manager.

    An easy way to find a particular phrase is to go to the Admin CP -> Languages & Phrases -> Search in Phrases

    Search for text: User Name
    Product: vBulletin
    and click the "Find" button.

    "User Name" is obviously used in many places, but for your case scroll down toward the bottom where you get to the group GLOBAL Phrases

    Find specifically the phrase named: user_name (Edit make sure it has the underscore)

    And click the Edit button.

    On the next page you never edit the original phrase itself, instead you provide a "Translation" for the phrase. Even if you have only one language installed, such as English, in the Translation box type in: Real Name

    And save changes. When a translation exists for any given language the translation is always used in place of the original phrase.

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  • Register page how do i add users real name and make it compulsory

    Need to make changes to the register page so it has a must fill in real name line as we require it on our forum

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