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    I have entered 40 - 50 tags through the CP>tags *bottom of page, Add Tag". Although they show on the CP tags page, none of these tags are available to the topics entry nor admin edit of topic. You just dont see them in the list of tags on those topic pages.

    The only tag in the tag list is one that I added while entering a new topic. When I enter more tags at a new topic, or I am editing a topic.... that tag gets added to the list. This being said then 2-3 tags (entered at topic Add tag) show in the list with no other tags on the topic page available for use.

    The original 40-50 tabs are still showing in CP>tags with the addition of those that were added at topic entry "add tags".

    How do I get the 40-50 tags to be shown on the topic tag listings?

    Why don't then show in the tag list?

    Must all tags be entered be added while adding or editing a topic?

    Last edited by WillsC; Mon 7 Dec '15, 7:57pm. Reason: After posting this there were not tags showing in the display, but when I chose to edit. The tags "tags,vBulletin" were on the topic as tags!?? Spmething going wrong with tage even in your

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