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  • Make single Module Background tranparent

    When I made our Ad Module background transparent, it makes two of our other modules have transparent backgrounds as well. I don't want those other two to have transparent backgrounds. I used the stylevar Module Content Background. The other two it changed are the What's Going On Module and the Statistics Module. I want those background white, not transparent.

    I tried and tried to come up with a way to do it with CSS but I could only change the body background, not the whole module. So I was close but not close enough. Figured since it has HTML in there for our images and links I could just add some more code with a transparent background.

    Is it possible to only make that single Module have a transparent background without affecting the others?

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    You'll want to use the "id" CSS selector instead of the "class" selector. All of the widgets will be in the same classes, however, they will all have a unique ID so the can be selected individually.
    Example using class:
    Example using ID:
    [COLOR=#222222][FONT=dejavu sans mono][SIZE=11px]}[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]


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      I had found the Widget ID with the Element Inspection, but could not find the right code to use it with. This worked immediately. Thanks again!!

      One of these days the system to come up with codes on my own will hit me, I am slowly picking it up.


      • Replicant
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        I've been at it for a year and learn something new every day. Javascript/JQuery and CSS go a long way with making small mods for your VB5 site. When you get off the cloud, PHP and custom templates will be worth looking into. It's kind of addicting actually.

      • Flash04jv
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        Ha, wow. I have told the others guys that some of this is pretty addicting, hard to stop once I sit down and start looking around.

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