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Problems Site URL Keeps Changing/Failing

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  • Problems Site URL Keeps Changing/Failing

    So I set up the site two weeks ago with VBulletin cloud and Go Daddy which hosts my domain. After several phone calls to both, GoDaddy got the CNAME right so it pointed to my site with my custom domain. Well all of a sudden about a week ago, I notice my domain name is no longer in the URL. So I check the CNAME settings and they are the same. So I open a ticket and they keep telling me to setup the CNAME with the registar. Then today, after an upgrade the only URL that works now is the custom Domain I want, but it only works if you leave the "WWW" off the front. What??? And when I do go to the site I notice that the favicon is no longer showing, even though it is still coded into the template. Any clue? Because I really am dombfounded as to WHY the site being published is such a challenge.

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