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Renaming and Rearranging Channels help

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  • Renaming and Rearranging Channels help

    I want to rename and move around Channels to clean things up a bit. I believe I can rename in the channel manager and then fix in site builder to change URL but I have no idea on how to move channels and more specifically take sub channels in one channel and move to another?

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    Sooooo, I guess I would have to create all new channels and sub channels and move things manually then?


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      In the Admincp > channel manager, where it says edit channel, click "go". On the next page, you can select the parent channel then save. That's pretty much all there is to it. The URL's should be updated automatically.


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        Thanks, so they fixed that autoupdate bug? My forum has some unique issues so fingers crossed it will work ok, thanks for the help.


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          how long is it supposed to take for URL's to change automatically?


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            My changes are immediate. What exactly do you mean? Can you not access the forum by URL once you move it?

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          When I click on newly renamed forum category the URL still shows old name and not the new name. For example I renamed this section Off topic but URL still shows old name.


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            When I said the URL auto updates, I meant, the redirect is automatic. If you want to rename the URL, navigate to the page, open Site-Builder and enter the new URL you want there, then save it. This is also the method I use to shorten the URLs.


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              Ok thanks..... thats what I thought I had to do. I really appreciate the help and plan to move off cloud in near future and will have to take a look at your Mods.


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