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  • A few issues

    Forgive me if I am breaking protocol here. I am new and this is my first post.

    I have a few issues that would be nice to have some expert help with on my vb cloud forum...

    1) I have the "like" button enabled in settings, but only Admins can see or use it. How do I make that available for everyone registered?

    2)Users are not getting email notification for subscriptions. They get email notification for everything else, but not for subscriptions. How do I fix that?

    3)I have "flagged" topics/posts set to transfer the flag to a hidden forum for my moderators to see and discuss. The settings appear to be correct in the admincp, but what happens is flagged posts go to everyone's message inbox. Only Admins can open it, but all users get the message (they can't open it). Nothing shows up in the hidden forum.

    Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide!


    It seems I put this in the wrong spot already. I apologize for that. Please feel free to move it where it belongs. SORRY!

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    1) do your usergroups have the "Can use Reputation" permission set to Yes?

    2) Quick look shows all email operating correctly. Is this affecting all users or only some of them? Will have to look deeper at your site. If I can get a list of specific users, I can see if there is any commonalities.

    3) This option is no longer valid in vBulletin 5.X and should be removed from the AdminCP. All Flagged Reports can be viewed by clicking on Messages in the Header and then the Flagged link in the left column on the resulting page.
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      1) I changed that setting. THANK YOU!

      2) I think I found the settings before I saw your reply. THANK YOU!

      3) Understood. THANK YOU!


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