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    I've been searching the forums for somewhere to post this.

    So I've recently bought VBulletin cloud hosting, I'm using my own subdomain from godaddy via cname, but I can't get the cname working for some reason, I've contacted support from GoDaddy they've told me to contact VB, I can't find a place on here to post about it so.... Can somebody please help me get my cName working once and for all?

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    Can you please posI've moved the topic to the vBCloud support forum.

    You set up a CNAME redirect for In the vBCloud console, you listed your URL as Those are two different URLs. Which do you want to use? If you want to use the first, then you need to change the vBCloud URL via logging into the members area and clicking the link to Cloud Console and then Change Domain. If you want to use the second, then you need to change your CNAME redirect sub-domain from community, to

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