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  • Logo help needed

    When I have a tab open for my forums it displays the VBulletin logo on the tab. How do I make that show my own logo. Sorry I am a newbie at this and still learning. Thanks
    My site

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    It appears you figured this out but if not let us know.


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      Nope. When I go to my site on chrome. The Vbulletin logo appears next to my site name on the tab.


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        Hello Finatic,

        Overall, what you need to do is go to AdminCP -> File Manager and then upload your favicon.ico (Needs to be .ico and 15x15 or 16x16, I don't remember exactly the size).
        You will get a path that looks like core/img/0/1....favicon.ico. Copy that and then go to AdminCP -> Style manager.
        On the default theme, Click on the button "GO" which is on the right of "Variable style editor".
        In the list, find favicon in IMGPATH and change the path to your core/img...favicon.ico that you got before (no need to enter your full website, just core/...)

        After that, it should work. But it didn't for me, what I needed to do, is to put the themes that I use as a child of that default theme.
        For exemple, I use the Orange Purple Style, so I went into the parameters and changed the Style Parent to Default Theme.
        Now it looks like this,

        Click image for larger version

Name:	defaultsyle1.png
Views:	32
Size:	5.7 KB
ID:	4327190

        Click image for larger version

Name:	defaultstyle2.png
Views:	14
Size:	7.8 KB
ID:	4327191

        After that, you will need to close all your browser pages, then re-open a blank one, clear all your browing cache and cookies and then restart your browser.
        Hopefully your favicon will update instantly, but it might take a few hours.

        Hope this help!


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          That did it! Thanks!


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