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Error with the static html module

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  • BirdOPrey5
    Due to an old bug you have multiple copies of the "Static HTML" module, and there is no current way to delete the copies.

    However only one of the modules (the original) really works and there is no way to tell which is the right one besides trial and error for the time being.

    For me it was the one to the right of the one with the edit/delete option below it.

    (Screenshot included in ticket reply.)

    It should be the same for you, but the order my change if more modules are added.

    If you use the correct module you should have no problem adding static HTML content.

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  • Mark.B
    Please could you raise a support ticket for this?
    We'll need to ask our Cloud systems team to investigate.

    You can raise a ticket here:

    A link to this thread would be useful in the ticket.

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  • tradingvip

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  • tradingvip
    started a topic Error with the static html module

    Error with the static html module

    For some reason I am getting this message "No configurations found" and I am not able to insert the html code. Any idea?

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