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  • Tapatalk and forum runner

    Hi guys I know that this question has been asked before but it is becoming such a concern that I have to ask it again.

    Is there any way you could add this feature to the cloud? Every other user of my forum has asked for this. I am been using this forum on forum runner as well'

    The cloud feature that you have is so convenient that I do not want to move to local host just for tapatalk.

    Please assist

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    Tapatalk on VB5 is buggy and incomplete. My users who are used to using tapatalk are less than satisfied with the performance of the VB5 version. Comments are not supported, posting pictures is troublesome and difficult and several other issues plague the TT interface. Not to mention you have to copy files to the file system and there is no way they will allow that on cloud due to security concerns and the fact that they administer the backend, it would make them responsible for third party software which is also not going to happen. If you insist on the need for TT, you will need to move over to a hosting service and buy the license.


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      Hmm I assumed that would be the case. That's a real shame. I hope it can be sorted soon'


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