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  • I have a small army of problems

    So, I posted a thread a few days ago in the VB5 support forums, but nobody replied. I only just noticed there was one for VB Cloud, which I guess is where I was supposed to post my problems... ^_^;

    So here I go.

    vBulletin Version: 5.1.6
    PhP Version : 5.5.12
    MySQL Version: 5.5.24-log
    No addons installed

    First issue, when I make changes to a style using StyleVars, the changes are not immediate for some reason. (You really, really need a preview options to see what the changes would look like before applying them...) I have to make another change in order for the previous change to apply itself to the forum. This delay is pretty annoying when designing custom styles, because I cannot immediately see what the change is going to look like. I tested in Chrome and Firefox and even asked a friend (in another country) to check after I made a single change, and it would not show until I made a second one in any situation. Just me or is this a problem for everyone?

    Second issue... I seem to lack "permission to access the administrative controls" on a lot of things. At first, I was trying to modify the "css_additional.css" code on a style and I got this error, recommending I "ask your lead administrator to enable your permissions for this page using the Administrator Permissions section of the control panel." But being the site owner, I would have thought that I was the lead administrator? I've checked and this is a pretty constant problem whenever I click on any of those things.

    Third issue, related to the one above. There are a couple mods I've wanted to add, both of which give "hook locations" to place lines of code. It says to look for "Products and Hooks" in the Admin CP, but that doesn't exist. I searched for "hooks" in the CP search and found a link that says "manage hooks" but when I click on it, it gives the same permission error as above. I'm not even able to activate VigLink because I can't put their code into the hook location their site suggests.

    Fourth Issue, Legacy BitPost? I wanted to turn it off, since it was enabled by default, to see which version looked better. But after turning it off and saving the change... It doesn't do anything? From my understand, it's supposed to move the user name, avatar, post count, and all that stuff above a post. Which I like, as another site I post on has it that way. But absolutely nothing changes. Toggled it a few times and nada. Seems broken?

    Fifth issue, when I was making an exclusive "usergroup only" channel, I accidentally left it so that all posts needed moderator approval. I got that sorted out, but there's still a really frustrating problem that I know will become a major headache later on. When this happened, in the admin CP main page under "topics to moderate" it said 1 and gives a view link that's gives my site's URL and ends with "
    /modcp/moderate.php?do=posts" but upon clicking on it, I get an error saying the page doesn't exist. It's still on my site, so no domain error or anything. It just like the forum didn't generate that page when it was created. Also oddly, and I don't know if it's supposed to be like this, but when I click on "ModCP" it's just two pages. Join Requests and Mod CP Home. Isn't there supposed to be more options than this? Granted the last time I used vBulletin was back on VB3...

    Sixth, and hopefully final issue I fear won't be able to be solved here, even though it should have been a default option from the start. I want banned members to be able to see the forums and all the topics still. And I want to allow them to post in a particular section on the site I called "The Prison". I know this can sort of be jerry-rigged by creating a new User Group that can ONLY post in the single section. But then I'd have to manually move any banned people into that usergroup, right? When banning a member, the only options for usergroups that show up are "banned groups" which can't see the forum at all. I really do not want to have to manually do all this, but I don't really see any other way???

    I really hope I can get all these problems sorted out. When I started this project a few days ago, I said I was going to give it two months to see how well it went and decide if I would keep the forum or not. But the rate things are going, how it's been plagued with errors that I'm fairly certain I couldn't cause since I apparently don't have Admin Permissions to even touch any code at all, I'm considering throwing in the towel after this first month...
    Want bigger avatars for your forum? There's a mod here. But be sure to vote for the JIRA requesting the fix here!

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