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  • Sidebars in forums

    Hi, we are trying out vB CLoud here:

    Right now we are trying to format the forums before going 'live' and are having problems with the sidebar. As you can see on the main forum page, we have a sidebar with modules. However if you dig down into the forums (to the thread listing or actual threads) the sidebar goes away. I'm assuming that vB doesn't expect us to create a page layout for every page. Shoudn't the layout be inherited from the parent page?

    Can someone shed light on how to have the sidebar throughout the entire forums - with the same modules in the sidebar.

    Thanks guys.

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    I think you have to create a different layout when you are in one of your actual forums/channels (the site where you see all your topics). Via Site Builder, change the layout to your liking (e.g. 70-30), add sidebar modules and save the page (incl. 'Overwrite Template'). Then every forum/channel page should have that layout and modules.


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