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How to change the behaviour of "Online users" module

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  • How to change the behaviour of "Online users" module

    It shows a certain number of maximum users but resets from time to time. Not even on a daily bases.

    I would like it to show this max and stay that way until the record is surpased

    How could I do it?

    Thanx in advance

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    That is a bug which will be fixed in vB 5.1.7 (I think it is VBV-13946).


    • Kevin Sours
      Kevin Sours commented
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      That is the bug. There are some instructions to temporarily fix it or you can wait and upgrade to 5.1.7 when it is released, which will be soon.

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    So the "Record of online users" is going to stay this way until the next version?

    Is there any thread to mark it as a bug?


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      Bugs aren't reported via threads/topics here, but via JIRA entries. If you encounter new bugs/issues while using vB5, or if you want to make some improvement requests, JIRA is the place where you want to enter these. The issue with the Online Users Module however is a known bug, so afaik there is nothing to do. It will be fixed in the upcoming version of vB5.


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