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  • 5.1.6 Patch Level 1

    Have had a vB Cloud Admin CP notice: Latest version available: 5.1.6 Patch Level 1. You are currently running vBulletin version 5.1.6. for a couple of days now. It's my understanding that this update will be applied by the vB Cloud team (as, I believe, the last update was), but wanted to double check. On a related note, are vb Cloud forum admins notified in advance - even if just via a topic to which we can subscribe - when these updates are going to be applied in those cases where there might be downtime or perhaps issues might arise post-update (this is a security patch, but I imagine in future there may be more extensive updates requiring downtime). I know I did not receive any notice when the last update was applied nor did I see an admin topic on the vb Cloud forums regarding.

    Cheers! Lisa

    ETA: not sure if this is the right place for this post; if not, I'm sure you'll move it on over to the other vB Cloud forum

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    The patch has been applied to Cloud. We do this as part of the patch release process. However it looks like the version update was missed this time. I've informed the team. We do not announce security updates beforehand. Generally we would prefer to have Cloud patch prior to announcing the patch release. We also don't announce low risk hot fixes that we do from time to time (though with diminishing frequency these days). You will get an email prior to a version upgrade along with an approximate schedule time.


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      Cool. Makes sense. Thanks, Kevin Sours L


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        Hey, Kevin Sours. Me, again. According to my Admin CP, nearly one week later, the patch has still not been applied. Is there an issue? Cheers! Lisa


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          Originally posted by Lisa0413 View Post
          Hey, Kevin Sours. Me, again. According to my Admin CP, nearly one week later, the patch has still not been applied. Is there an issue? Cheers! Lisa

          Same thing on my cloud site as well.


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            The patch was applied to all cloud sites prior to the public release of the patch. The problem is only that the file that stores the patch level was not updated properly to reflect the fact that the patch was applied. Really its only a display issue. The Cloud team has been dealing with some higher priority issues.


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              Kevin Sours Ah, OK, got it ... apparently I misread your prior response. Cheers! Lisa


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