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Viewing Permissions - forum glitch? and setting Blog P&P viewing defaults

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  • Viewing Permissions - forum glitch? and setting Blog P&P viewing defaults

    Hey, all. So, in terms of viewing, I currently have permissions set so that Unregistered / Not Logged In, Users Awaiting Email Confirmation, and Banned Users should be able to view channels, but not topic content. However, I've noted that if, for instance, I am not logged in, and go to view the forums, I can view the main forum channels (which is fine), but when I click on a forum, the topics are not viewable (i.e., it's a white page with "no topics found" vs. viewing a list of topics - as one may view a list of forum channels - but being unable to view the content of those topics). Now, under Channel Permissions, there are options for "Can View Channels" and "Can View Topic Content" the description for the latter being "This permission controls whether or not users can view posts within a topic. This permission is independent of whether or not users can view the actual topic links within a channel." but I do not see an option for "Can View Topic Links within a Channel" to which this description refers. I hope that all makes sense and you can advise if I'm overlooking something or if this option is not available?

    On a related note, is there a way to set Blog Permission & Privacy defaults for viewing and leaving comments to "subscribed and registered users" only? Currently, the default is "everyone" and so these channels and their content are viewable to those same three groups, where the preference would be the opposite (at the very least the content should not be).

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! Lisa

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    Set "Can View Others' Topics" permission to Yes.

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      Hey, Glenn. OK, then ... just to clarify, if I have "Can View Others' Topics" set to Yes and "Can View Topic Content" set to No, the user will see the Topic link only, but not the content found by clicking on that link, right?

      Cheers! Lisa

      P.S. Anyone out there have an answer re Blog permission default? Thx

      ETA: Nevermind (re blog permissions) ... I figured that out. And thanks, Glenn ... that worked.
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