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  • Editing Contact Information field

    I went to Admin CP, user profile field manager but couldn't find the contact info field. where to find that field to edit it?

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    Are you talking about email that contact us goes too or user contact information?
    To edit user contact info you need to go into admin cp to users then find user. Once you find user hit go or whatever it says to edit user then you will be at screen where you can edit their info.


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      I am talking about User Contact information under user profile, it only give options to: AIM, Google Talk, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ. I want to give more options to all members, I don't know if it is possible to edit one member at a time.
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        You can add additional fields by going to the Admin CP -> User Profile Fields (on the side menu) expand it, and choose Add New Profile Field. You have options on the type of field and where it will show up for users (or you) to fill it in.


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          I don't want to add fields, I want to edit the existing ''Contact information field'', I went to ''user profile field manager'' and it is showing Biography, Location, Interests, Occupation fields but not Contact information field which I am trying to edit. I tried to add field similar to the contact Info field but there is no option to make similar field like that.


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            I'm sorry them those are hard-coded and cannot be changed.


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              Would be nice if the contact information could be extended for other services. Wishful thinking


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