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  • Forum Description Not Showing on Forum Page

    Hi, I managed to set up my site and do some minor formatting of it, but I seem to have messed something up. Each forum has a description which displays on the site homepage, but when you go to the forum page it does not display. However there is a chunk of whitespace that might be where it is supposed to go.

    It originally did display when I first brought up the site. Also I found the forum display options page, and "Show forum descriptions below forum titles in forum listings?" is still set to yes.

    I believe this happened when I was in Edit Site mode and clicked Edit Page. I might have inadvertently deleted a "static HTML" box (if there was one there in the first place), although I thought I had exited without saving. Could this be the problem, or is this there some other way I could have caused it to stop displaying? Is it fixable? It's not a major crisis, but I would like to have the description display.

    Thanks in advance.

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