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Removing link from header site logo

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  • Removing link from header site logo

    Is it possible to remove the link from the site logo?

    I've provided a link to my forum - when you hover any part of the site logo it is linked. This is causing problems for me when trying to reduce the margins on top and bottom, where I cannot click on the site edit or forum header links.

    Thanks in advance for the support!

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    I dont know where to edit blue and green themes template that you are using because it doesnot have edit templates in the drop down menu. I assumed it is using default style as parent even the blue green parent is "Themes" but that parent also has no template editing.

    Assuming that it gets the template from default style. So you need to edit default style header templates.

    style manager> default style> edit templates> header
    go to line 281
    1. find <a href="{vb:raw baseurl}/">
    delete it
    on the same line 281 find </a>
    delete it
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      You cannot remove this link in the Cloud product. Templates aren't editable in the Cloud Product.
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        Why not just make that shield image as the logo by itself and then create a new banner image with that silhouette background without the logo, then set that banner as the background of the #header. That way, only the logo is clickable and not the entire #header element.

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          Thanks guys.

          Glenn - I will try your suggestion. Thanks.


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