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    When you create a new group category, there is a text field for a description. However, that text does not appear anywhere in the UI. Logically, it would appear on the Group Category header page.


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    We cannot see that page since it appears non-logged in users cannot view the group.

    On my test site, it shows up in the block on the right hand side of the group page. It says "About this group" in bold, and then under that is the description.

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      Lynne, yes, that is true of a GROUP Description, but not a Group Category Description.


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        This was never exposed in the UI. It is a featured carried over from other channels like Forums and Articles which do show their Descriptions. If you want this feature added, please add a request to JIRA at this link:

        The only real important fields are the Summary (title) and Description fields. The QA people will be able to fill in everything else.
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