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    Hi there how to start work with vb cloud, where i can find F.A.Q. how to install it on my server or connecto to domain?

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    You don't install it on your server. It's installed for you and managed by vbulletin. They email you with what to do with your domain after you sign up, you need to modify a CNAME setting.


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      ok how to change domain name?
      I got this messege when i try it from vB Cloud Console

      There was an error while trying to update the domain: We are unable to make
      the change at this time, please try again later.

      Support don`t answer me for 2 days.


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        The particular changes you requested could not be make over the weekend. We received your request and someone will be able to help you once the main office reopens. You will get a response sometime after 9AM Pacific Time today.


        • sundoze
          sundoze commented
          Editing a comment
          ty for reply, i see your post Moving from vBCloud to the VB5 Connect Download product.
          My forum still not work, i want move to vb5 connect, i must pay for this or its free?
          And where i can dl files?

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        In order to move from vBCloud to the VB5 Download version you must purchase vB5 Connect. The license is $249. You must also purchase suitable web hosting.

        You can create a ticket requesting a backup copy of your database, that is what you use to move to the download version. You must have a license in order to make the database useful


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