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    Firstly, can someone remove my last name from my profile user name? I can not seem to do that in my profile settings.

    Also, I followed the Rabid Badger instructions and I can not seem to add any kind of background images. My forum has the same gray textured background as seen on this forum. Can that not be changed?

    Thanks for the help thus far. I am learning a great deal and I appreciate your assistance. It seems that the vB Cloud may inspire other newbies like myself so I am asking all questions as separate topics in hopes someone else might benefit.


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    Try saving twice then refresh. Not sure why but I need to do that every time I make a chance to colours and images.


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      What is the URL to your image that you're trying to use and what is the value you put into the doc_background stylevar?
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        I was doing this in Global > body_background > background image. I was trying to add the string from the imgur image. Set to repeat. Nothing else set for that. I did wait more than 5 minutes for it to cache if that's the correct term. I wanted this as wallpaper.

        <a href=""><img src="" title="Hosted by"/></a>



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