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  • Testing Facebook Connect

    I thought I configured my Facebook Connect, but some of users told me they are having issue signing up using their FB account.
    Please do me a favor if you try to login/sign-up to, and let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    well, can you log in yourself?

    if not;
    1) go to
    2) choose the app you you created for this reason
    3) make sure it is Live (should have a green circle along the title).

    if it isn't live
    1) make sure you have added site URL (under settings)
    2) go to Status & Review and enable it (Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public? >> YES)
    3) wait for 5 min and test it one more time

    .. now you should be fine


    p.s. had the same problem when I realised that there is a problem.. just dig deeper for the solution


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      Got it and it's working.

      Now I have to create my own Facebook page to extend the community reach.

      Thank you,


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        Are you able to use the 'Publish on Facebook' feature? Do you know how to configure it?


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          I still don't know how to use vCloud to publish in Facebook, though I've used for is a third party service like twitterfeed to publish in my twitter account.

          Hopefully, the publish to Facebook will come soon.


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