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Setting the contact for 'site administrator'.

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  • Setting the contact for 'site administrator'.

    I apologise if there is a straightforward setting that I'm missing, but I've noticed if a page isn't accessible a user will get a message such as 'Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page. For assistance contact the site administrator.' appear on screen. Clicking site administrator takes them to a 'contact us' form. How can I tell, or change, where these messages go? I filled one in as a test user to see if I received a moderator notification and didn't see anything, so I'm not sure if I need to change a setting somewhere?


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    Contact Us is sent via email to the Webmaster Address listed in the AdminCP under Settings -> Options -> Site Name / Contact Details. It does not create notifications.

    Since you're using Cloud, this would be set to the email address that you provided when you created your Cloud Account. You can change it. You can also set up different topic for contact on that same page. There are inline instructions for the options to do this.
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      The Webmaster Address was set to a 'noreply' vbulletin email address, so I've changed it to the address associated with the Cloud licence. Thanks.

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