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  • Carrfixr
    Thank you very much. Fixed

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  • In Omnibus
    On the group page you can edit the Group Channel Display Module Default Tab in Site Bulder

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  • Carrfixr
    started a topic Groups


    When going to a Group page it defaults to latest activity. Is there a way to switch the default to Topics?
    Sorry posted in the wrong area

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  • Rosely
    'Groups' problems
    by Rosely
    1. vBulletin Version - 5.5.6
    2. PHP Version - 7.2.30
    3. MySQL Version - Under server variables > version, it says 5.7.28-log
    4. Any Addons installed.
    5. Does the issue occur in a default style? Yes
    6. Does
    Mon 28 Sep '20, 4:14am
  • shining
    Social Groups Permissions
    by shining
    Hi there,

    DonĀ“t know if our settings are wrong so maybe someone can help me out.

    When a group is set to:

    Type of Group: with invitation
    Privacy: Only Groupmembers...
    Tue 28 Mar '17, 1:49am
  • TheBish
    Groups Question
    by TheBish
    Sorry as this may be simple and I may not have had enough coffee....

    How to I restrict Groups to only those who have joined. For example, I do not want those who are not Members of a Group...
    Mon 13 Feb '17, 7:55am
  • In Omnibus
    Social Group Tile Hover Cards
    by In Omnibus
    I use the social groups page as the homepage on two of my forums and while I like the appearance I dislike the information, or rather the lack of information displayed within each tile.

    Tue 21 Jul '20, 7:44am