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Moving to Cloud - will this work?

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  • Moving to Cloud - will this work?

    In the interest of rebuilding user post urls and minimizing database size when moving to the VB Cloud, is it possible to import only member accounts, recreate the previous forums and sub-forums, and using copy, then manually push posts from the existing front end to the new forum?

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    To do the migration, we need the complete vBulletin database. We cannot migrate a partial database. If there is data in the system you don't want to use after the migration, it can be removed prior to the migration if you have a working site. Afterwards, if you don't have a working vBulletin site. For support's part in the migration, we just feed the database into a form and scripts process the actual migration and upgrade. We don't actually evaluate the data in-depth due to privacy.

    You can prune messages in forums in the AdminCP. I believe it is Threads & Posts in older versions of the software. In vBulletin 5.5 and higher, it is Node Tools.
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