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Email Handling and vBulletin Cloud

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  • Email Handling and vBulletin Cloud

    Due to configuration of the vBulletin Cloud servers, there is no email daemon directly available. There are various technical reasons for this. In order to send emails to your users, we have contracted with a third-party provider. This service is provided using SMTP which is a standard feature of vBulletin 5 Connect. This provider serves many different clients in addition to vBulletin Cloud. Due to this, there are issues that can arise from time to time. One of the most problematic issues is that emails can be inadvertently marked as unsolicited emails or SPAM. As a cloud site owner, there are some things you can do to help mitigate this issue. These include:
    1. Making sure your email accounts are valid on your account and in the AdminCP under Settings -> Options -> Site Name / URL / Contact Details.
    2. Instructing your end users how to manage incoming notifications from their settings page. %%yourcloudurl%%\settings\notifications.
    3. Managing spam on your site with the tools provided under Settings -> Spam Management and Settings -> Human Verification Manager

    Email Forwarding

    Many popular email providers (e.g. AOL, Yahoo, Gmail) place restrictions on where emails with their addresses can originate. This can cause problems with vBulletin Cloud customers and their end users when using these email providers. When we detect that a Cloud Customer is using one of these emails, we will use a Forwarding Email to work around this issue. The system will create an email alias for these sites with the domain. This forwarding alias will allow your emails to be received by the end user instead of being discarded or marked as SPAM.

    Spam Blacklist

    As stated above, we use a third-party service to send emails. This is done through a company called SendGrid. Due to using a third-party provider there are times where emails are inappropriately marked as SPAM. This probably has nothing to do with your site but instead on how SPAM Blacklists are created in general. When this happens, the issue is generally resolved in 24 hours. However, it can be frustrating to receive the email notifications about the issue from SendGrid.

    When you receive a notice, note that your individual site isn't blocked. It is the address of the email server. In addition to this, there are few other things to note:
    • The blocking is not being accomplished by SendGrid. It is occurring at one or more email providers used by your end users.
    • Asking your end users to white list your email address and the Sendgrid IP ( can help alleviate the issues.
    • The blacklist usually resolves after 24 hours.

    Using your own SMTP
    As an alternative to having us manage your email server, you can use your own SMTP server. This will remove a lot of the issues above from your site. If you have access to an SMTP server through your email provider and would like to take advantage of this, you can email [email protected]. We will need the server name/ip, ports, username, password, and whether to use SSL or TLS encryption. With that information, we can configure your vBulletin Cloud site to use the external SMTP server.
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    Wayne Luke
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