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Cloud vs Connect??

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  • Cloud vs Connect??

    I have Cloud now. What would I gain moving to Connect? Does Connect use the AdminCP? If my understanding is correct, in Connect I would have almost full control in the whole software. Meaning if for example I wanted to move the search bar that is in the top right corner, I could.

    I do know I would be responsible for my own server or a company provided server and I would be responsible for upgrades and stuff.

    I have seen some members go from Connect to Cloud. Why? Was Connect to hard to maintain?

    My account is up in October, and I'm looking at pros and cons of each.

    Thanks for the responses!

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    Yes if you move to the self hosted product you can edit the templates. Though, in your example, it's possible to move the search box to some degree with just css, in the cloud product.

    If you're not experienced in managing a server, you should get a managed hosting package from someone, then they take care of upgrading the server etc and you just have to manage vBulletin - which is mostly the same as it is on Cloud. The two products are actually the same code.

    We can provide a dump of your current database, and if you pay us the professional install fee ($149), we will install it and migrate the database over for you.

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      Thanks Mark.

      I would like to hear from people that had Connect and went to Cloud as to why? And Cloud to Connect.


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        You cannot install third-party plugins in vBCloud. There are some workarounds to do modifications to some degree. But if you want full-blown plugins and full freedom to doing any custom modifications and customizations beyond just CSS changes, then self-hosted version is your better bet.

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          What about bandwidth costs?

          I used 500mb (vCloud) in 2 weeks, just by a little worried im hoping for 1000 unique each day


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            If you go over the allotted bandwidth for your plan, we ask that you upgrade to the next tier.
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