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  • Notices versus Announcements

    I have read that the Cloud does not support Announcements but does support Notices. I don't see Notices in version 5. What is the difference between the Announcements I'm familiar with and the Notices? How do users receive these notices? Are they posted in the bulletin board like announcements?

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    Sherry O'Brien
    American Mathematical Society

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    Announcements and Notices are very similar. Both are available in Cloud....

    Announcements can be global or defined to a specific forum. In vBulletin 5, they will appear above the forum topics in a module. You can move this module where you want using Site Builder. There is no way to show them inline with the topics like previous versions. You can use BBCode or HTML to format your Announcements.

    Notices will show in the site header below the breadcrumbs. This location cannot be changed. They can be set to show in particular forums/channels, to specific usergroups, on a user's birthday and other options. You can also set a Notice so it is not shown if another similar announcement does show to the user. You can format announcements with HTML only.

    Notices typically give more control. You can see the Notice Manager in the AdminCP of your site.
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      In early versions of VB5 Announcements were buggy so we suggested customers only use notices since they were so similar anyway. That is why you may have seen posts saying not to use them in old posts.


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