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​Weird issues after activating Custom Domain.

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  • ​Weird issues after activating Custom Domain.

    The owner of the board I administer as bought the domain name
    With his domain name registrar he update the CNAME record to point to
    Then he log in into the Cloud Console and then:
    1) Click "Change Domain".
    3) update the domane name from to
    2) Click the link to Activate the Custom Domain.

    Something seems to have gone wrong. Typing as URL redirects to instead of displaying http:// as the browser url.

    This in itself is not a big deal as it is mostly cosmetic. What is a big deal is that it is now impossible to log into the site. After entering credentials everyone gets a box with: That action could not be completed. Please try again, and if this occurs again please contact the system administrator and tell them how you got this message.

    Attempting to register a new user is also impossible as the image in the Image Verification is not displayed. Seems that somehow activating the custom domain has caused some internal url’s to point to the wrong addresses?

    It is possible to log directly into the admin console but that dosen't really help non admin users
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    OK Deactivating the custom domain works. We can all log in now. But why
    dosen’t activating the custom domain work? It would be nice to have the
    url say instead of redirecting to

    Basically going from this: Click image for larger version

Name:	domain.jpg
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    to this means no one can log on
    Click image for larger version

Name:	domain1.jpg
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ID:	4335718
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      I've had the exact same issue. So I just have up on the custom domain for now, hoping our domain host can help me out but even they've had trouble helping me. The VB Directions seem clear but I can't get it to work.


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        This has been fixed for me. The issue was with our domain name registration. Instead of making a CNAME record for our www. subdomain the site owner had accidentally used site forwarding instead and that is what caused the issue. Once CNAME record was set correctly and propagated the issue was resolved Hmm.

        Based on my experince you may not have se your CNAME record to point at the address

        check with

        A correctly setup CNAME record will show the address in the 'Canonical Name' column when you type the www name of your domaine. the will not be the case if you have a redirect insted of a proper CNAME record.
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          So you used your VB custom domain in the CNAME, pointing to your host record. Then clicked 'Activate Domain' in the VB domain manager. And it worked? Your custom domain is working now?


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            Originally posted by Flash04jv View Post
            So you used your VB custom domain in the CNAME, pointing to your host record. Then clicked 'Activate Domain' in the VB domain manager. And it worked? Your custom domain is working now?
            Yes that is correct. The issue was caused by using a redirect insted of CNAME record for the www - subdomain in my DNS record were I bought the domain name


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              Gotcha. I tried forwarding once and it did not go well. I'll try adding ours to the CNAME and see how it goes. Thanks for your updates.


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                I confess to being a bit curious. Did it work?


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                  Working on it. Im getting some name server information first, and then I'll give it a try. I did it once before and our page went down... But it was my first try so maybe this time will work if I follow the steps correctly.


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                    Now the name servers are giving me issues. Can't figure out why this custom domain thing is such a PITA. Seems so easy to make happen mentally, but in reality its a whole different story.


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                      I got it!! But I see we had slightly different issues that crossed paths with the same issue briefly. Got our CNAME set correctly finally and forwarded our domain so we no longer need the www. to find our domain.
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