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  • Mecha
    Image gallery
    by Mecha

    Question number 1.
    When I upload an image in the user profile album gallery, the image resizes which is fine but when you click to open in an external window, it is still 'resized',...
    Wed 26 Oct '16, 2:37am
  • Jeff Wells
    Auto Image Resizing Issue
    by Jeff Wells
    I have updated the image settings in AdminCP >> Attachment Manager to allow image resizing to 1024 X 768 and my users get the following error:

    "The Dimension limits for...
    Wed 27 Mar '13, 8:24pm
  • rk1708
    Many Question
    by rk1708
    Hi VB Admins,

    First I'd like to say that the AdminCP is not user friendly at all, this is the worst I've ever seen. There are many issues/lacking in the software which shouldn't be in a $399...
    Tue 20 Jan '15, 12:39am
  • Cichlidgeek
    Favicon in Cloud ??
    by Cichlidgeek
    How do I get a favicon to show up in Cloud? I don't need a custom one, per se, just someing other than a blank box.
    Thu 4 Jun '15, 8:32pm
  • siaforum
    Style reference
    by siaforum
    Hi I'm trying to edit the default style on my forum but I'm having trouble finding where to edit certain things. So for example, I want to create and upload new buttons on the navigation bar under the...
    Sun 26 Mar '17, 5:05am