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  • vBCloud Common Questions

    This post will serve to answer the common questions customers have that haven't been addressed elsewhere. These are in no particular order.

    1. Can I import my existing forum into vBCloud?
    Yes, we can import vBulletin 5, vBulletin 4 or vBulletin 3 databases. For versions older than 3.8.7 we request that you upgrade them to the latest 3.8 version first.

    2. Can I export my data so I can switch to a traditional self-hosted forum?
    Yes. You can find instructions on how to migrate from vB cloud to the downloaded version here .

    3. Who owns my forum?
    You own your forum data. The vBulletin files and server structure remain property of vBulletin Solutions / Internet Brands.

    4. Do I get FTP or SSH access?
    No FTP or SSH access is provided. If you need this access please consider self-hosting.

    5. Can I use custom add-ons (mods)?
    vBCloud does not support 3rd party add-ons. If you require custom modification please consider self-hosting.

    6. Can I use custom styles?
    You can customize your styles using style variables and by adding css to the additional_css template. You also have access to various built in themes. However the upload of 3rd party styles is not possible on vBCloud. Consider the self hosted version of this is important to you.

    7. Can I run my own ads?
    Yes you can include ads in the ad locations and ad modules using Google Adsense or similar services or with your own custom HTML.

    8. Will vBulletin show ads on my forum?
    No, and there are no plans for vBulletin to show ads on customer forums.

    9. What type of support do I get?
    Forum support is provided at no cost to you. Additional methods of contacting support are included with the higher plans or can be purchased separately- but everyone can always get free forum support at any time so long as they have a vBulletin Cloud account.

    10. Do I need my own Domain Name?
    You may use your own domain name if you have one. There are instructions for pointing your domain to vBCloud. If you prefer not to use your own domain you may register a subdomain during sign-up so your forum URL would be something like: where subdomain is a custom value you choose. Note- if you choose your own domain name it must have a sub-domain (such as "www" or "forum") before the main domain name. vBCloud will not work with just "" as the address. We recommend but any alpha-numeric value will work.

    11. Can we use custom languages on vBCloud?
    Yes you can import language XML files and you can provide custom translations to phrases.

    12. Is the PHP Direct Execution module available?
    For security reasons the PHP Direct Execution module is not available in vBCloud. If your require this module please consider self-hosting.

    13, Can I get a Branding-Free license for vBCloud?
    Yes you can. Branding Free is available for both monthly and annual licences when purchasing cloud, or as an add-on later.

    14. Do I have to upgrade to new versions myself?
    Your site will automatically be updated to the latest vBulletin 5.x versions.

    15. Do I need to buy a separate vBulletin license?
    No, your vBCloud account includes a license to use while your site is hosted on vBCloud,

    16. Where can I find the Service Agreement?
    The vBCloud Service Agreement can be found below the standard VB5 license here:
    In addition the Internet Brand privacy policy applies:
    And also the Terms of Use of

    17. Do I get access to the Admin Control Panel (AdminCP)?
    Yes you get access to the vBulletin Admin Control Panel and most settings. As explained above some items such as template editing are not available in vBCloud.

    18. How are vBCloud sites secured?
    No direct access is allowed to the servers.

    19. Can I have more than one vBCloud forum?
    Yes, you can have multiple vBCloud subscriptions linked to your vBulletin Customer Account.

    20. What are my options for sending emails?
    Your vBCloud site will be configured to send emails automatically. You cannot use a custom email sender, if you need to please consider self-hosting.

    21. Can I host vBulletin 4.x or vBulletin 3.x on vBCloud?
    vBCloud is only for the latest version of vBulletin 5.x. If you require an older version of vBulletin please consider self-hosting.

    22. What mobile options are available with vBCloud?
    vBulletin 5.x responsive design should allow for use across a wide variety of mobile platforms and tablets with different functions available depending on the device and screen size. The responsive design is continually being improved. For those who want "Apps" the vBulletin Mobile Suite is the only app option available to vBCloud users. This is a separate purchase.
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    23. What Modules can I use to customize my vBulletin Cloud Pages?
    The following Modules are currently available: Activity Stream, Ad, Announcement, Online Users, Search, Static HTML, Tag Cloud, Today's Birthday, Top Active Users, Video
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      24. Where can I see a feature comparison between vBCloud and VB5 Connect self hosted/download version?
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        25. My Cloud account is not using my Custom Domain.

        Once you're CNAME is set up, you must Activate your Custom Domain.

        To do this, log into your Cloud Console and then:
        1) Click "Change Domain".
        2) Click the link to Activate your Custom Domain.
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          26. What is the 'ibadmin' account?

          This is a Super Administrator account that is created on all Cloud installations/migrations. It is used by vBulletin Support to access AdminCP functions not available to site Administrators when helping to diagnose and resolve any issues raised by Cloud License owners.
          Vote for:

          - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
          *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
          - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
          - "Quick Route" Interface...


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