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    Hi all, please give you feedback for my Vbulletin based website. It is an Xbox One forum and you can visit it here: Xbox One Forum

    Purpose: The site provides a platform for Xbox One users to meet, form clans, troubleshoot console issues, read useful Xbox One tutorials and discuss the latest news in the gaming industry.

    Goal: My aim is for the site to become the largest Xbox One community in time for the launch of the console on November 22nd. The site should become a one stop-shop for all things Xbox One related.

    Addons used: Fuzzy SEO, Vbseo, Auto Tagger, Vaultwiki, Vbtube, Wordpress blog,

    The site consists of the following sections. The sections below are powered by Vbulletin by the blog (marked **) is powered by wordpress but I have a bridge between WP and VB which allows syncing of both user accounts and posts:One unique element about my site that some may find interesting is the fact that I chose to send users to a custom sign-up/log in form which is actually part of the wordpress blog. This was because the wordpress log in and sign up pages are both very easy to modify and are also very simple. This I think has allowed me to create what I think is a very simple and appealing splash page for users to sign up. When a user signs up they are automatically signed up to both WP and VB and when they sign in, they are signed into both sites. Check it out here:​Thanks a lot everyone and I look forward to hearing from you :-)

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    Thanks for the nice sharing,i have never know about it.


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      I'm liking the concept and theme/colors.

      Wish you the best of luck with it. I think in the next year or two your activity should increase, as more gamers move to the new generation of consoles.


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        very nice project. wish you success.
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          What should i say? Your Site is amazing. I like the Combo with Wordpress and vBulletin (do you use a bridge?)

          'm the owner of a german xbox one forum -> but Burning Board is a bunch of crap. in a view days i change to vbulletin


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            Nice website buddy.

            You did a great job with incorporating layout, style, and easy navigation within the forums.

            I think your website will go far. I myself am doing the exact same thing you are doing, except mine is for Xbox One modding.

            Hope all goes well for you!


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