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    I recommend Real Web Host..
    Good features and support at a good price.

    Check out their plans at:

    Their main homepage is:

    vBulletin runs just fine on their servers!

    I finally got it! I finally have my own vBulletin licence!!!!

    You can pay them monthly for one too! ( That is what you call service! )
    Let the flames begin.

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    Too bad their site is a'd shoot the person that designed that site.


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      Congrats Lurk on your obtaining of a Vbulletin Licence – I am sure you will derive much pleasure from it - so have FUN and enjoy!!

      Now you’re all set up with a great forum, and with a superb hosting company too! Not too many hosting companies are in favour of forums – I believe however that several Vbulletin sites are hosted by RealWebHosts – they even have a Vbulletin support forum of their own!

      I can only agree with what you have said about .
      I spent two solid days (my days are long – lol – so that makes for many many hours) researching feasible hosting companies, and eventually narrowed it all down to RealWebHosts.

      Everyone (I guess) is looking for good value for money, and so was I. What also got me interested in them was that they offer packages for those with smaller requirements as well as for those looking for something more robust – I have always considered it very important to be able to upgrade hassle free and easily within the same hosting company, as my site grows.

      Apart from the professional layout of their website, and the detailed way in which they present their various packages – their service and support is absolutely wonderful – my emails were all responded to immediately. In a matter of a few hours, my three accounts were signed up, and they had moved my sites (for me) across to their servers before I could finish my coffee.

      I actually feel a little guilty that I took up so much of their time with my many questions, but they literally held my hand through the entire process.

      Lurk, I think that both you and I are well set for much enjoyment, with a hosting company that offers professionalism, dedication and a personal hands on approach.



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          My forums are located at:

          visit and post now!
          Let the flames begin.


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            I use realwebost to host the "status site" for my main forum. I also put the "test board" for the site in a protected directory there to plan for the upgrade to VB3 on the main forums. I can say my experience has been positive. Since it only runs just a status site and for a few days now the test board, I have not tested it under heavy usage. But every experience I've had with them has been positive, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
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