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My host changed servers without telling me

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  • My host changed servers without telling me

    I've just witnessed the most bizarre server move I've ever seen and wanted to get your take on it. The hosting plan I subscribe to offers forum-only support (it's cheaper that way). Just recently the host admins decided to combine two servers and transfer everyone over to a higher spec, new one. I didn't receive any warning of their intentions by email, but they did make an announcement on the support forum. They told us it would be a good idea to close our dynamic scripts while the move took place and then open them again afterwards.

    I didn't see the warning until it was too late and ended up with two almost identical forums (on one the posts were a day old because MySQL wasn't shut down before the move). The DNS is now flicking back and forth between the old and new forum so people are cross posting and my members are assuming their posts are being selectively deleted.

    I think the least they could have done would be to send out a warning by email; it wouldn't have taken much effort and would have saved themselves and their clients a lot of headaches. Surely closing down MySQL for everyone, with or without warning, would have been preferable if it meant that the integrity of the data was maintained.

    Is this common practice with forum-only support sites? What do you make of it all? I can't believe how chaotic the move has been, especially since until now I've always been very impressed with the way they've gone about their business and looked after their clients.

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    I am suprised that hosts still have forum-only support sites as it doesn't get you business because the average hostee wants live support and a ticket system but thats not a good way to go about business when you want to maintain a good rep for your company.
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      They have two separate divisions; one which offers more expensive, premium support as you described, and one with forum-only support. It works out very well for me because I can fix most things myself and rarely need to get in touch with the tech support staff. The package has been so popular amongst more experienced webmasters that they've had to temporarily close the doors to new members while they expand their operations.


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        Even if it's their low end hosting service they should have sent their customers an email!
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          It definitely would have saved all this upset. I've subscribed to their announcements forum now so won't miss anything in future. They have at least admitted they made mistakes, apologised and have extended our contracts free of charge as a gesture of good will. I respect them for that and am willing to forget it and move on - my last host would never, ever, ever admit they were in the wrong and if you pushed them for an apology they'd just dismiss you or get abusive. Everyone makes mistakes, it's how you handle the aftermath that makes the difference. They've restored my faith anyway which is great news since I don't relish the prospect of switching hosts again.


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            That is very very sad, not a good way to run business. Try searching for a more reliable host.


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              It's sad and this isn't the way a hosting business should be run, but unfortunately there are hosting businesses out there that do this, some quite frequently.


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