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  • any good? (please look)

    hi all, I have been a lurker here for awhile. I am looking for a host for a large message board, and I found at WHT i was wondering if anyone here uses them for thier vb board? thier experiance on wht is pretty positive (from what i read) but i havent found anything about vb hosting from them. prices are good, servers have decent specs, I emailed them and they said there server loads are only 0.10 (at max) which i dont know can be true or not, but he said they can handle my board (about 300-400 active users).

    any help would be appreciated

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    IMO, A server with a .10 1)has few hits to the server, usally from lack of customers and 2)host few to none vB's. Our servers are all dual 2.0GHz w/ multithreading and we still run 0.70 - 2.50 as an average. Now this can be an advantage or a disadvantage as 300 online users is going to bring the load up alot. disadvantage = With such low server loads, it is going to be very noticable in their stats. advantage = faster loading as Apache will not have many connections. You should also ask for server stats. With the amount of users you have a slower server is going to make your site crawl. Anything above a single P3 1.3 GHz should be ok.


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      Personally, if you are going on a shared hosting plan and expecting the server to handle 300-400 active users online at a time, you are asking for trouble; that is just my personal opinion. If the server load is that low, then there are a few reason, some of which are few websites (right now), all small sites with little/no traffic, or they are tossing the loads around.

      While you may be able to get by with it for a bit, once the host starts to add a few websites and they take on traffic, you are going to notice that load rise and rise, especially with your online user count.

      I have been in the hosting venture-line for over a year now with 3+ years of buying experience, plus that of running my own websites; trust me when I say that they will ask you to move to another platform once they see the load (I take it they have not seen a load of such activity on a shared server) or will suspend the account.

      I would personally save the headache and go for a cheaper dedicated server at rackshack (starting at $99) or go with venturesonline and possibly go with a semi-dedicated server. You will thank yourself in the end .


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