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    check out


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      lol there free cuz most of us could scrape together the cost of the box :\

      not to mention you could run thos ads your self to pay for your hosting


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        Originally posted by Faranth
        lol there free cuz most of us could scrape together the cost of the box :\

        not to mention you could run thos ads your self to pay for your hosting
        Yeah I agree, but the guy is saying he can't afford a $99 RS solution. Plus you can run ads yourself too.. so you run thier ads. plus your own.. get advertisers then get a real server somewhere.


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          if you cant afford a second dedicated server or the one your on look into resellers or even communtiy hosting


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            What Is Community Hosting ?


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              its offered by

              About Our Community Hosting [justify]As a community owner you need a hosting plan that will allow for community growth without having to move to another platform. At ViperHost, our Community Hosting Plans have been developed to not only allow for base growth, but traffic growth as well.

              Our Community Hosting Plans are different from our shared and reseller hosting plans. The servers we have setup for theCommunity hosting are setup & optimized just for communities, shared & reseller hosting clients will not be placed on the same servers as our available Community Hosting Plans are.

              Not only are only communities placed on these community-specific servers, but we further limit the accounts placed on the servers. Where shared servers may have 100-150 clients (lower than most hosts), our community hosting servers will never exceed a total of 25 websites. We want the speed to be available as well as the extra space.

              We have worked out these plans to a tee and we feel they are perfect for those looking to give their community the boost it needs and for those that cannot yet afford a dedicated solution.

              We have specially optimized these community-specific servers to work with vBulletin, phpBB, and Invision Board, though we welcome all communities*.

              Give your community the boost it needs with ViperHosts' Community Hosting Plans! Click here to view our Community Hosting Plans!

              * Our servers are optimized for these specific softwares are they are among the top rated and most widely used. Please see our TOS/AUP before installing other community software.

              that might not be what your looking for but im not sure so id thought id mention it

              and if you would be so kind if you do purchase drop a 7 in the referid (of course this isnt nessary lol )


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                It's Not For Just my forum and site.

                Im planning on hosting two other sites, and a small Free BulletinBoard host (similiar to myIkonboard).


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                  The community hosting plans are not just for communities, you are permitted to run a website along side as well; be it a portal or an actual website. The community hosting plans were developed for those that will be running a community and expect some growth as well.

                  While our shared hosting plans do allow communties, the community hosting plans are more specifically catered to the needs of a growing community, whereas our shared hosting plans and the servers they reside on are not (they are still optimized, but run lower speed processors and do not run SCSI 10k drives).

                  If you have any questions about the community hosting plans, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to address any questions you have .

                  You will be permitted to add other domains through our control panel as well, noted as add-on domains, which will allow you to host other websites and manage them through CPanel (note: though unless you are a reseller, you will not be able to limit space and bandwidth on added add-on domains).

                  Edit: As for hosting many bulletin boards, a reseller plans would be more opted to what you would need. Sorry, didn't notice that line before.
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                    Check out there servers are all p4 2.4 @ 75.00 a mo and special is running with $1 setup


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                      SaintDog: I don't Mean Like Hosting Different Instances , I mean like one big board. kind of like those sites where you sign-up for a board and you get your own control panel to style it and you can mod it, but it shows up on the main forums as one forum they host like that.

                      Also, I need my own server as I want to run Scripts on the server.
                      and I Like to upgrade everything.

                      CPanel is a nice control panel , in fact I use now on my reseller.
                      I have that paid up for a year (it was 800 dollars).

                      But with the server I want to have my own server, plus Im working on Creating my own programming language.

                      Im Looking on WHT, and Im looking through the Reviews to determine a Good Server Company.
                      sO Far Im increasing my budget to 90 a month.


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                        Well I won't say you cannot find a server for $90/month, but if you are looking for a reliable server, then you are really going to need to raise that at least to the pricing of what RackShack is charging, else it is going to be hard finding a server you will want, like, and can use.

                        Just keep in mind, you are probably not going to find a managed server for $100/month. RackShack offers un-managed servers, meaning they provide support for hardware failure and OS re-installs; should you render the server to a non-working state, they WILL probably bill you at their hourly rate to fix it, the same goes with any software problems.


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                          I need an un-managed one.


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